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SXSW 2011 Featured Artists On Display with literary reviews and mp3’s

Here's a list of the 7 artists I'm mostly looking forward to see at SXSW 2011. You definitely should have heard of these artists by now. If not, click around below and turn up your speakers!


Formerly, the artist known as Final Fantasy is surnamed Pallett. Apparently #FF was taken. Shucks, so wow-much more nude name now.
What do you get when you mix queer theory as applied in multi-layered solo performances w/ stringed instruments and a man who is now sitting back in a home his records bought, playing video games & D-and-D and dying his hair blonde occasionally? #FF→#OP. I also saw him featured in OUT Magazine a few years back—hot shit oh wait I can’t I’m getting married oh well nice thought right nevermind. Regardless of that theory, Mr. Owen Pallett displays precise control of strings and looping effects through the roof. MINDBLOWING LYRICS IF/when you actually take the time to listen to them [they still won’t make sense]. I saw him play live at a bar/venue/record store in Oklahoma City (The Conservatory, 8911 N Western) back in 2005, 2006. There were only 25ish people in attendance.
I PROMISE this show will be nothing like that. At all…

As Final Fantasy:

1. Peach, Plum, Pear [mp3]
2. This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine [mp3]
3. The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead [mp3]
4. That’s When The Audience Died [mp3]

See a list of Owen Pallett's SXSW 2011 shows by clicking here


He changes the beat mid-song, turning on a dime and not looking back to those dusty paths now faded black after long gone from absence of master’s attack. Lift your African eye patch and see clearly these three things: the beats; the way the vocalist sings; and the sick-sick speaks (speakers) arranged around that nu-nu which he creates from within his dense, thick-lipped soul. Holler if you’re gonna see him at SXSW 2011 or definitely comment if you’ve ever seen Mathambo live. I hear the man’s a living myth, no idea about performance quality though. I hope quite such the passionate rush of blood to the front of my groin and guts - - -

1. Mshini Wam [mp3]
2. Jabajaws (Kid Kaio Remix) [mp3]

And a surprise
3. Spoek Mathambo – Ghost Of Bones EP [Unreleased mp3]


Thou music hath twinkled my spine in knots which it then unwinds. You’re music conveys 8 moods a song, all strewn throughout. The absence of instruments and lack of comfortable instrumentation can be characters of the music themselves. Micachu has a heavy imagination—sometimes hears music when it’s simply not there. Nonetheless, no one here dare says she’s not got a great ear. I have grown as an appreciator of music every time I play the Micachu album. I hope one day she’s more sought after than in her current state, which is desirable but hopefully not the end-game. While she may not take over Japanese charts, who’s to say she couldn’t be Ariel Pink-y in her career of being too weird and awkward live, into becoming one of the most technically proficient, best-produced and most sought-after acts of anyone in the know. You’re cool if you know Ariel Pink. Same will be true more massly with Micachu in Ms. Future. In the meantime, contemplate calculators.

1. Golden Phone [mp3]

Micachu and The Shapes songs:
2. Lips [mp3]
3. Calculator [mp3]
4. Guts [mp3]


Errybody be on that JB-dick y’ahm say’n? Onniways, dose plays make fer great debate on music’s future: defaced & under sutures? Hopeless was the fore-seer JB of his viewed scene; there even being a scene to view was bothersome to many folks in the wilderness. Man did math where scene =science of numbers & 1 / 2’s. Mr Blake finds his profit in this business so I say its“we” who boosted his image. But look above; glorious it is. If you’re a band, listen to these songs if you want a reason you should quit music right now. ‘Cause you will never be James Blake.

See a review on his new album, James Blake, here OR our post on his entire discography here

1. The Bells Sketch [mp3]
2. CMYK [mp3]
3. To Care (Like You) [mp3]
4. I Mind [mp3]

See a total list of James Blake's SXSW shows here


In grooves which slip up and down the neck upon entrance into the brain-member, or the audial-member. Toro knows how to go inside those places behind yer throat and choke your swallow. Quite a following, follow quite harrowing. Fly as a heron or high as the heroin. Did ye dig these ditties already? If not & your tolerance for this soundfucker’s not shot; check the mp3 box below % make a stop.

OR, see one of five of his SXSW 2011 concerts listed here

1. Blessa [mp3]
2. Talamak [mp3]
3. Causers of This [mp3]

Click here for more Toro Y Moi sighting’s at SXSW

WYE OAK [already hosting songs]

I saw this band live back in August, 2010 at ACM in Oklahoma City. I found awe in the bravado of the stage presence of their attitudes; so thick that it has a physical clarity which wants, so tender it can be touched by anyone. And it’s willing to touch you back. They long to play their instruments; they mourn the dead musicians in front of you. They wail their sirens as part of their learned, dollar trade. Please buy this album to support this touring band. Also, check them out at SXSW 2011. STANDOUT TRACK: Holy Holy – this song’s physical texture is warm and inviting, yet detached enough to impress, while raw enough to evoke many emotions. I really dig this new ol’ type of dronin’ rock and roll.

Click for more Wye Oak here

2. Milk and Honey [mp3]
3. Tattoo [mp3]
4. I Hope You Die [mp3]

See Wye Oak's SXSW 2011 Shows by clicking here


How now about that sound terrorist! Heard him at a club in Oklahoma & people danced confusedly. Ha! Melting the wax of g-ma’s music collection, do so spinning or thrilling yeh? Gone was tradition by 2011; nonetheless when the shocks get ecstatic and spark and seem to burst at edge-seams – it gets well-listened to by its society. Try to see at least one of his three shows in Austin this upcoming weekend. PS Check song Two--Zedd’s at SXSW too.

1. My Name Is Skrillex [mp3]
2. Do Da Oliphant [mp3]
3. Scatta w/ Foreign Beggars, Bare Noize [mp3]
4. Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites – Zedd Remix [mp3]

List of Skrillex' SXSW 2011 shows here.


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