Friday, March 04, 2011

Post #51: More Free Weezy [Free-write Attempt]

Wayne walked in here all fixed up. Look at you. How many are there like us out there? Since when did Chris get in? Were you remained unhit after the incident? Yeah man.

Milli got here fixed up with a white boy. Roman walked in, ended his verse with an unrehearsed 4-line rhyme for same syllable count as Nick and Em’. Did you bring your aluminum translator? How many feet till the bottom of a shallow video set in a tub thrice his size? Six-Seven, since Way went to Heaven, yeh.

Is this under deconstruction? I find such doubtful. Thusly, wasn’t Mugsy born early? How now have thou sprout 6-7? Switch the lever. Hell no.

Check the first three at communion by the coatrack on hurry route. Keep these three wet until moldy and deleted. Pity abound but

I’m fresh out.

A Milli (James Blake Refix)

Chris Brown - Look At Me Now featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Ehymes

Roman’s Revenge featuring Nicki Minaj

New Lil Wayne - 6 Foot Seven Foot Video [via MTV]

P.S. Let me speak clearly: If anyone says they don't "get" the video, tell them it's their fault. The direction is simple--Hype Williams decided to visually display Weezy's loose-tongued lyrics, set in a dream. This is obvious.

And a classic from Tha Carter II days [2005], "Oh Shooter", featuring Robin Thicke [AOL Sessions]:

Watch 6'7 after the six o' clock news.
Watch "Oh Shooter" after Woodstock.

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