Friday, February 25, 2011

The Strange Theories of King James [Blake]

I saw a James Blake vinyl record on sale today for $50.00. I feel this man belongs in a museum already. He won Rookie of the Year in all hearts during early February. I need to highlight some of his music/persona on this blog as is my commission from God.

5 Reasons to Not Hate James Blake just because he’s so popular...

1. The voice, oh god…
2. His impeccable physique
3. The artistry of it all
4. The seamless inclusion of dubstep
5. The fucking album cover.

James Blake: James Blake

James Blake Wiki
His Page
His Myspace
James Blake BBC Page Lyrics

Now moreso onto the music: Just listen to it. I see no reason for me to describe the shit. Enjoy it, soak it up. Buy it on mp3, CD, and vinyl. Or get the whole damn discography on your favorite blog aggregator. Secretly, I’m desperate for that fifty-dollar record.

Here’s four songs with mp3's and lyrics for each:

Track 03. I Never Learnt To Share
Track 04. Lindesfarne I
Track 06. Limit To Your Love
Track 10. I Mind

Music Video for The Wilhelm Scream:

I am honored to just mention the name...

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