Monday, October 23, 2006

From Jay-Z to The Beatles: The Danger Mouse Mash-up

///EDITOR'S NOTE: FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR THESE OLD MP3'S OF THE GREY ALBUM, They have been updated on my blog here. This post is dead. Visit the new post for mp3's.

From Jay-Z to The Beatles:

This has just been a sort of rap/hip-hop experiment of mine that I started thinking through around three o' clock in the morning when I was in a rap mood. This is basically where we make the connection from Jay-Z to Kanye West to Common to Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek to Dangerdoom, and then ultimately to Danger Mouse and The Beatles. Near the bottom of this post is the entire Grey Album, as was given to me by William Brafford.

Beginning with Jay-Z:
Jay-Z guested on this song from 'Ye's latest album, Late Registration:
Kanye West - Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) ft. Jay-Z

Kanye produced this track for Common, off of BE:
Common - Testify

Common guested on this Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek song, from Reflection Eternal:
Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - This Means You (ft. Common)

Talib Kweli guested on this Dangerdoom track from The Mouse and the Mask, which consists of MF Doom and Danger Mouse:
Dangerdoom - Old School Rules feat. Talib Kweli

Lastly, Danger Mouse created The Grey Album, the well-known mash-up between The Beatles' self-titled album, a.k.a. The White Album, and Jay-Z's The Black Album. I will be honest when I say that I enjoy it quite a bit. Some of the tracks can be a bit grating, but there are more tracks than not that are fabulous and well-put together and catchy and dancy. Here it is:

Danger Mouse:

01. Public Service Announcement
02. What More Can I Say
03. Encore
04. December 4th
05. 99 Problems
06. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
07. Moment of Clarity
08. Change Clothes
09. Allure
10. Justify My Thug
11. Interlude
12. My 1st Song

There should be little need for me explaining the validity, importance, value, intelligence, and creative spirit behind this album. I also don't see it as my place to tell you that it is, musically, a good, proper album. You have heard that before about The Grey Album, and may even have already heard it yourself. Regardless, I highly recommend tracks 08, 02, 05, and 06. I believe that "Change Clothes" is my favorite by far.


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